We are thinkers. we are planners.

More than 6000 clients are investing their trust with us since 1989. We continue the legacy of growth and commitment in providing investment advisory for your needs. Our relations with our existing clients has made us a synonymist of Success, Wealth and Confidence. We welcome you to the prospering Family! With 6000 clients across boundaries, Naikwealth has been awarded as the Best Financial Advisor (Mega cities) for F.Y. 2014-15, Best Performing Regional Financial Advisor - WEST 2016-17 by CNBC.

Our Belief

”Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right."

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Management Team

Mr. Nikhil Naik, Managing Director | care@naikwealth.in

Our Team

Ameya Godse, Vice President Growth | ameya@naikwealth.in

Kirtida seta, Asst. Vice President Growth | kirtida@naikwealth.in

Pravin Mhatre, Growth Partner | pravin@naikwealth.in

Chitra Khanolkar, Growth Partner | chitra@naikwealth.in

Vijay Singh, Asst. Vice President Growth | vijaysingh@naikwealth.in

Sanjay Thale, Senior Growth Manager | sanjay@naikwealth.in

Archana Phadke, Senior Growth Manager | archana@naikwealth.in

Vaishali Ketkar, Senior Growth Manager | vaishali@naikwealth.in

Vinod Mane, Asst. Vice President Growth | vinod@naikwealth.in

Milind Sawant, Senior Growth Manager | milind@naikwealth.in

Nitin Gohil, Growth Manager | nitin@naikwealth.in

Manvendra Jagwan, Growth Planner | manvendra@naikwealth.in

Haresh Punjabi, Growth Manager | haresh@naikwealth.in

Sharad Pawar, Deputy Growth Manager | sharad@naikwealth.in

Rishabh Kulkarni, Deputy Growth Manager | rishabh@naikwealth.in

Mrugaja Bhagwat, Deputy Growth Manager | mrugaja@naikwealth.in

Resha Gothivrekar, Deputy Growth Manager | resha@naikwealth.in

Namitha Gopakumar, Deputy Growth Manager | namitha@naikwealth.in