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What is Wealth? It’s your Money, your financial independence, increasing your income and so many faces for wealth. What will you become by achieving this rich or Wealthy?

For you both are same. Wait…..this is not a same but not a similar also. Being Rich is just creating wealth but wealthy is a person who create a wealth as well as he preserves a wealth to achieve a dream as well as to help others in achieving their dream.

Being Rich is having MONEY…Being wealthy is Preserving MONEY.

Focus on your goal every day in every season

Being wealthy requires your money should consistently work for you and “BEST RETURNS” is the measure of how effectively your money is working”.

Declines are temporary & Uptrend is permanent. Keep repeating this during corrections and bear markets. Temporary declines are not losses unless you sell due to panic. Fall is the right time to invest.

Best is not always best as better will replace best. Don’t be afraid to fall. You may lose something but you may gain something great.

A Smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

People do enjoy running in investment race and it seems straight way to go. But it includes curvy roads too. Our activities of calculating permutations- combinations, sticking to the safe, Estimating things, thinking in the boundaries are the obstructions in this race wealth preservation race.

Who don’t panic and constantly work towards reaching their goal are the ones who sustains and win this race.

It’s not a market who writes your investment story….it’s YOU

Once you buy right all you need to do is sit tight.

Wealth creation is a long journey. Once you decided to travel all you need is patience & discipline. Don’t ruin your traveling experience by thinking numbers, performance & time. Stay calm & enjoy the journey.

Gains always comes lumpy. Give time to your investments to grow & blossom

Take charge. Make it happen. Make your money work harder.

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